How It Works!

montaj X9


1. Plug X9 OBU

No installation. No wires.


Simple plug the device in vehicle’s OBDII interface


FliGO’s X9 OBU comes ready to work. It holds a SIM card with GPRS activated according to the service plan you have bought.

X9 OBU is compatible with most vehicles.
Check if your vehicle has an OBDII interface.

 Iphone-5s-Negru          desktop




2. FliGO mobile app and/or FliGO Portal

Decide what to use.

Or you can use both.

FliGO mobile app is for individuals
FliGO Portal is suitable for fleets


Want a FREE demo of FliGO Portal?
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 green car-cu-umbra

3. Enjoy a new driving experience

  • monitor your activity
  • check your driver behavior
  • find ways to cut your costs
  • share your score
  • leverage your driving style
  • get better insurance quotes


Discover the features of FliGO!